Anonymous said: For the anon asking about addy, if you take 30 mg and you don't have ADHD, it'll probably make you a little jittery but it'll work for you. A lot of people who don't have an Rx take a lower dose (10-20). 30 mg and you might not sleep much that night (especially if you take it past 1 or 2 PM) and you might not eat that day. I've got bad ADHD and I've been on Adderall for a while so yeah haha

Anonymous said: What advice do you have for poor people who would like to live a vegan lifestyle but can't afford it because they barely have fresh fruits and veggies in my neighborhood, and when they do it is super expensive?

Try to get the cheapest fruits/veggies. I eat so many bananas and those are the cheapest fruit… only a little over $1 for about 8 typically. If there aren’t many fresh fruits you can always buy frozen fruit in bulk and make smoothies! It’s way cheaper than buying a smoothie and will last longer. As for other foods, its really easy to get cheap vegan food like peanut butter, bread (check label to make sure its vegan though), soup, pasta, beans, canned vegetables, etc.

Anonymous said: if i take 30 mg of adderall unprescribed will it make a difference,

i don’t know i don’t fuck with adderall

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